most current

i’m sometimes asked about which creative projects i’m working on and i never seem to have a quick answer. at the moment, i’m trying to wrap up a few that have been in the works for years.

one is ‘sky journal – from sky’,  the third in a chapbook triptych, ‘sky journals’, the first of which i self-published back in 2003. i actually finished the writing but it’s been waiting for me to properly format and arrange, as the pages in each book correspond to pages in the other two books. it’s growing weary of my daily drudgery (aren’t we all) and accuses me of abandonment, which is not the case.

another project has had me on fire for the last seven years and it’s definitely something that requires time & incremental mulling. it’s called BRUTe and is an exploration of sociopathy a dissociative culture. it’s kind of fun to perform with multimedia when i get the opportunity.


i almost forgot to mention ‘crabapples’, a project that i’ve been working on since 2004, the first handful of which were published in Furniture Press‘ PO25¢EM series with the Philly Sound. for years, i’d get these little lines of poetry in my head with a title and began writing them down. since the first mini-chap, i’ve added one every so often & i’m sure i have well over 100 now. Most of them can be seen at my crabapple website (formerly known as ‘oh, nothing, really’) accompanied by some of my photographs. they feel like they’re about petering out so i may try to publish them at some point before long.

SO, after dedicating the last five years mostly to entrepreneurship and activism, i’m returning in 2011 to focus again on my creative life. i’m hoping to wrap these projects up this year so i can start a couple more that i’ve been meaning to get to for a decade or so. i’m very excited to come home again…