Latest Chapbook is Finally Finished

My goal for our Black Sheep Collective event a couple weeks ago was to finish the third part in my Sky Journal Trio. The first was sky journal – from land, the second was sky journal – from sea, and this is, of course, sky journal – from sky. I’ve been writing these for over ten years, a  journal of sorts, mostly about transformation. Some were written at (or on) the sea, some during air travel and the rest in my daily whatnots. Pages of each book correspond to the other two companion books.

The first two I’d self-published back in 2003 and 2004 and, after a period of focusing on my small business, I’ve recently been able to re-focus and wrap up the final piece.

Since I was out of the first run of the first two chaps, I decided to re-print those as well as – from sky. For the covers, I hand-printed each differently with water-based oils. Here are some pictures:

I’m happy to send you one or all if you’ll kindly donate to help pay for the printing costs. $10 for each would be greatly appreciated plus a couple bucks for postage. Here’s my paypal button but please be sure to email me at hassen[at]hhassen[dot]com to give me details of which book(s) you want and where to address the package.

*Along with the texts, I’ve taken numerous sky photos…