My Little Transmedia Playground

When I was at the ContactCon last fall in NY, I met Zach Verdin, CEO of & he told me about the innovative site they had put together. It took me awhile to give myself permission to go play there. I’m finding that it’s the perfect place for me to f/tool around a little with an idea in a way that’s more suited to how my brain works and  to the creative work I generally do, anyway. Here, I can do it in small bits. Also, maybe it gives a person who might be interested in my transmedia poetry a better idea of what it’s all about, since the conceptual notions within my poems and poetry projects are difficult to communicate by word allusion alone. It’s like trying to figure out if people have enough information to get a joke, and if not, how do you communicate that information in the joke without destroying it?

I’d urge anyone reading this to check it out and request joining their beta version. If you’re looking to invest some $ in something truly inspiring and brilliant, definitely connect with Zach as they are likely still looking for investors.

TheNewHive is not just a place to express your ideas and creativity but it’s also a social network connecting members. Every week the folks that run it give us an idea to play with and, if we decide to make an expression, we tag it with that theme. This week’s theme was #colors so I posted an older poem about the Blue Morpho butterly, along with a video of St. Vincent. Click on the photo to go to that ‘expression’ over at TheNewHive.


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